In the 1960’s heavy equipment was sold in live in-person auctions. It slowly rumbled across the platform and people drove hours and hours to sit on benches in the sun to bid on it. More than 50 years have passed, innovation has touched every corner of our lives, and yet, in the heavy equipment space people still drive hours and hours to sit on benches and bid on equipment rumbling across the platform.

Here at TuffWerx we know there’s a better way. We developed the computer chips that power the internet, we drove the technologies that converted the camera industry from film to digital, and we helped create ebay Motors.  We remember when automotive dealers said the only way people would buy cars was in person. Now more cars are researched online, bought online and sold online than ever before. The largest dealer in the world now sells exclusively online.

Change came to the automotive dealer industry, some embraced it, others put up walls.Those who held out were washed away in the great automotive re-structuring a few years ago. Change is already happening in the heavy equipment resale industry. Some are adopting new ways, using technology to improve their business, and others are holding off.

Here at TuffWerx, we are exclusively focused on modernizing the equipment resale space. It happened in the camera space, and it happened in the automotive space. Change never comes from the large entrenched players. In every industry, change comes from the new entrants, ones who bring skill sets that are not readily available in the industry. Skills like server-side Java development, responsive design, widget plugins, background upload and a number of other work saving technologies. Technologies we used in other industries, we now bring to the equipment industry.

TuffWerx team members are experts in the internet and software worlds. We know how to quickly, and easily bring buyers and sellers together. And because TuffWerx is automated, and we build our infrastructure on open source stacks, and run on highly scalable, secure, cloud-based systems, we can do it for a fraction of the cost of in-person, live auction houses or print magazines. Faster, and cheaper. We keep innovating and adding features because the beauty of the internet is new technologies come along every day. Costs go down online, not up. How’s that for disruptive? Make your transactions easier, faster and cheaper. Want to list your equipment on TuffWerx? Done. Want to do it at no-charge? Done. Want to list your equipment on your website? Done. Want to list in multiple locations, but only enter it once? Done. If it’s about reselling your equipment, we can help you make it happen. Easier, faster, and cheaper.