Why TuffWerx?

Selling heavy equipment just got a lot easier

It’s not a Prius. It’s a used piece of equipment weighing five tons. And even if there is a company across town that needs it, there’s the risk the guy only buys Caterpillars and yours is a John Deere, or vice versa. You can take it to auction if you have time and can spare the auctioneer’s cut. You can list it in classifieds and hope someone bites. You can put it online; but unless you’ve got somebody in your corner who knows how Internet search works, buyers may never see your listing.

Whether you’re a dealer, broker, wholesaler, or an enterprise, TuffWerx moves your equipment at a fraction of what you’d pay somebody else.

We’re the masters of the one-click, turn-key, keep-it-simple mindset buyers are looking for online. Don’t get left behind. We make you an instant internet marketing expert with built-in Search Engine Optimization tools that get your equipment listed highly in online searches. Post pictures and descriptions with a couple clicks.

We have a condition report that tells buyers the equipment’s condition and tools like Inventory Management, Lead Generation and Pricing Guidance to make your job simpler.

Don’t make earning a profit on your equipment harder than it has to be. Register with us and get your equipment on the market today!