Why Should I Use TuffWerx? You’re always looking for great deals on used equipment.
We have them.

TuffWerx Saves You Time and Trouble

As soon as you register as a TuffWerx equipment buyer, we go on the watch for the bobcat, tractor, dozer or other equipment you need. We alert you as soon as we discover something that meets your specifications in terms of manufacturer, category, price, location, condition and more.

You Have an Edge Over Other Buyers

Since we alert you as soon as we learn about a piece of equipment that matches your needs, you have a better chance of getting the first jump on a piece of equipment that’s priced to sell.

We Have the Deals

TuffWerx works with enterprise companies such as banks and manufacturing companies that have a lot of excess inventory to sell. We don’t have a big expensive operation with a lot of overhead to maintain, our business is just to connect you, the buyer, with sellers—including our enterprise customers. So you’ll find the best deals here, without a lot of middleman costs.

TuffWerx Includes Condition Reports

TuffWerx listings include a condition report that buyers use to explain any mechanical issues or cosmetic defects a piece of equipment might have. The report is like a seller’s written disclosure of the equipment’s condition before you, the buyer, take the next step.

We Can Help With Financing

TuffWerx has relationships with financing companies that know how to handle loans for used equipment. We can hook you up.