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Buying an Articulated Boom Lift from TuffWerx

TuffWerx carries all the top names in aerial lifts including Genie, JLG and Skyjack. And buying used equipment from TuffWerx is easy, fast and convenient. Just tell us what make, model, year, price and number of hours you’re looking for and the selections will pop up. And if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t on the site, we’ll keep an eye out for it and alert you when it becomes available. Finding the used heavy equipment you want has never been more painless. Check out our selection of articulated booms, including newer hybrids, today!

About Articulated Booms

Articulated boom lifts are a type of boom with several hinges that configure the boom in a Z shape so it can reach over machinery, equipment, construction and other obstacles unlike straight booms which have limited versatility. Because of the hinges, they’re often called “knuckle booms.” Depending on the type of boom, it can rotate up to 360 degrees and booms can be made to reach up to 125 feet.
The boom can lowered to a horizontal position (or even lower than horizontal) as well as raised and extended or telescoped without impacting the work platform. Most are driven from the work platform or “bucket.” Generally, the work platform is leveled regardless of the direction the boom moves but some can be tilted for easier access. Articulated booms can be slower to operate since you have to move one joint at a time to reach your desired height and location.
Articulated boom lifts are just one of several types of boom lifts TuffWerx has available. Straight booms have one solid arm that lifts workers vertically in different directions but cannot go up and over materials or construction the way articulating booms can. They tend to be lighter than articulated booms, so easier to transport from one place to another. Scissor lifts have a lot of support to carry heavy weights but only rise vertically so they don’t work well in areas where you need to be able to reach different areas within a project site. They also don’t operate well in areas where the ground is uneven.

Tips for Buying Articulated Booms

  • When considering specifications for an articulated boom truck, make sure you calculate not only the vertical but also horizontal distances you may have to cover to get the “basket” to the work area. This includes consideration of the ability to park the truck in various areas. Purchase a boom that will more than traverse the distance.
  • Ascertain what kind of terrain you’ll be working in. Some booms have higher clearance and offer better traction for rough terrain where rocks and construction debris need to be traversed. Also, some booms are designed to work on slopes whereas others aren’t.
  • Do you have a trailer to get the boom where you need it to go? Boom lifts have various weights. You need to know whether the boom you’ve chosen is too heavy for the trailer you have available and make changes accordingly.

See Our Articulated Boom Lift Listings