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Buying Buckets and Accessories at TuffWerx

TuffWerx is your leading source for used heavy equipment, whether that’s backhoes, front loaders, aerial booms, forklifts or bulldozers or any of the buckets and accessories that give these machines a huge variety of uses. Just type in the make, model, year and price of the bucket or accessory you’re looking for or check out our huge selection. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll be happy to contact you as soon as it becomes available. TuffWerx wants to take the heavy lifting out of shopping for heavy equipment.

About Buckets and Accessories

Just about every piece of heavy equipment on TuffWerx site can be made more versatile and useful by augmenting the machine’s function with extra buckets and accessories. Buckets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are wide and shallow for moving debris, soil or rocks and others are deeper for lifting and carrying more cubic yards of materials. Some buckets have teeth for digging into tough and rocky soils and others have smooth blades that can be used to level soils. Many buckets can be made into grabbing tools by purchasing “thumbs” that scoop materials into the buckets. Other buckets have clamshell designs and grab using a greater area.
Whether you’re dealing with front loaders or skid steer loaders, cranes or forklifts, there are numerous accessories that let you alter the way you handle material. Some machinery may be able to use quick attachment plates that make it easier to switch from one attachment to another. Backhoes, front loaders and skid steer loaders have attachments that let them grind and rip out stumps, some of which are known as rippers. They can also be good for displacing rocks in an area the operator is trying to clear. Forklifts and cranes often use man baskets to turn those machines, considered material handling machines, into aerial lifters for workers. At the same time, front loaders and backhoes can be fitted with tines so that they serve the same function as a forklift. Many different machines have attachments that turn the machine into an auger, a brush cutter, a shovel, a leveler, a carrying tool.
Many machines have hydraulic attachment functions that make it easier to attach and release one tool and switch it for another.

Tips for Buying Buckets and Accessories

  • With all the buckets and accessories available on the market, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the one that will do the job. Calculate not only what you need the accessory or bucket to do but how much lifting capacity you need it to have and whether it’s the best tool to handle the materials you need dealt with.
  • Check with manufacturer’s suggestions on which bucket or accessory to purchase. Some manufacturers have their own buckets and attachments but can also tell you whether other makes and models will work.

See Our Buckets and Accessories Listings