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Buying Compactors and Rollers

TuffWerx has all the different kinds of compactors and rollers you need whether you need to build a road, create a foundation or just hard-tamp soil in small spaces. We carry the top names, Ingersoll, Bomag, Dynapac, Caterpillar.  We have the best prices so you don’t have to run around to auctions or spend a lot on dealer costs. Just look for the item you want by make, model, price and hours and if we don’t have it, we’ll contact you when it comes in. You can even use our premium service and have the equipment inspected before you buy it, making for a hassle-free decision.

TuffWerx makes buying used heavy equipment easy and convenient.

Benefits of Compactors and Rollers

Compactors and rollers come in a variety of sizes. Their job is to reduce the size of material or soil by pressing it together with weight, also to create a smooth surface. There are three different types of compactor in construction.

Plate compactors have a vibrating base plate that can create a level grade. Many of these are smaller compactors that can be pushed by a single operator on foot up but still have several thousand pounds of impact. Jumping Jacks, or rammers, compact soil or other materials in a small space with great force. It is often used to for utility supply pipe backfill where the soil needs to be stable over the pipe. Road rollers, often called a roller-compactor or roller, is used for a number of different applications. They may be used to compact soil for a foundation or a road or to compact asphalt once the road as been built. They may also crush rock that may be used as a foundation under roads, or foundations or slabs.

Padfoot drum rollers are one type that has less surface area so there’s more compaction weight at each point. Smooth drum compactors are meant to even surfaces, often in conjunction with a motor grader. In some cases, operators can fill the drums with water to increase their weight and impact on the materials. In others, they create a vibration using hydrostatic motor inside the drum and attaching a weight to its shaft. There are also pneumatic tire rollers which are often used in laying the asphalt and are often given extra weight with water or sand.

There are different types of compactors including landfill compactors that are used to reduce the size of waste accumulated at a landfill and car crushers or baling presses which compact junk cars.

Tips for Buying Compactors and Rollers

  • Determine what kind of compaction you need and how much power you need to do it. Compactors vary considerably in size and power so make sure you get the one that can handle your toughest job.
  • Decide whether you want a vibrating roller or can do without. It may make a difference in the price but it can also affect the ease and speed to get the job done.

See Our Compactors and Rollers Listings