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Buying Crawler Dozers

TuffWerx makes buying used heavy equipment easy with a selection of crawler dozers, sometimes called bulldozers, or crawler tractors, to tackle any job.  We feature top names like Case, Caterpillar, Ingersoll Rand and Komatsu. Look for the dozer you need by browsing our selection or search by make, model, year and price. If you find what you’re looking for, it will have a number of photographs and a detailed inspection report. You can even use our premier service and have the dozer inspected before you buy it.

About Crawler Dozers

Dozers are crawlers, tractors with metal or rubber tracks instead of tires, that have a blade or metal plate to push large quantities of material such as soil, sand, gravel or debris from one place to another. They usually have a clawlike device called a ripper at the back to loosen densely packed materials so that it can be moved.

The blades may be straight blades—S blades– which are short and straight with no side wings, universal blades—U blades–which are tall and very curved and have large side wings; and an S-U combination  blade.  S-U blades are short like S blades but have more of a curve and sidewings.

Rippers can be single shank or come in groups of two or more, multi shank. The large single shank is usually preferred with tougher jobs and more compacted soil or rocky areas. Some dozers also use stumpbuster attachments which are horizontal spikes used to split a tree trunk to enable the dozer blade to push it out of the way.

Common uses for dozers include construction, mining, road building and forestry.

Because of their wide tracks, dozers tend to be stable machines that can handle very rugged terrain and don’t sink into mud or sand. In situations with particularly soft ground, dozers with extra wide tracks, known as swamp tracks are used.

There are some varieties to dozers and the way they operate. For example, an angledozer pushes the blade forward at one end so that the blade can move material to the side instead of straight out in front.

There are also dozers with wheels and four wheel drive. Some dozers are particularly compact to operate in tight working spaces. These are known as calfdozers.

Tips for Buying Crawler Dozers

  • Understand the kind of space you’ll have for working with your dozer. This will determine what size dozer you’ll need.
  • Figure out the primary debris you’re going to be moving. Are you going to need the more concentrated force of a straight blade or the broader scope of a universal blade…or something in between.
  • Understand the kind of terrain where you’ll be working to decide if you need a tracked dozer, a dozer with particularly wide tracks or a four-wheel dozer.
  • Have your dozer inspected through TuffWerx premium services before you make a purchase.

See Our Crawler Dozer Listings