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Buying a Electric Scissor Lift from TuffWerx

Buying an Electric Scissor Lift from TuffWerx
TuffWerx makes buying used heavy equipment easy and electric scissor lifts are no exception. We carry the top brands in scissor lifts including Genie, JLG and Skyjack and all come with multiple photographs and condition reports. If you like, you can tap into our premium services and have an inspection done before you ever purchase the lift. We list lifts by make, model, number of hours, and price and we can even alert you when a model you’re looking for becomes available. Giving you the chance to snag the equipment you’re looking for quickly and easily.

About Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts are quieter than engine powered scissor lifts and are preferred for areas where it’s important to keep the noise level down. Like any scissor lift, they have a relatively large working platform that can handle both a worker and materials. And because they are supported by a criss-cross pattern of supports, all underneath the working platform, they can handle more weight than straight boom lifts or articulated lifts that get their support from an arm extended out from the cab. But they have less versatility because they generally don’t reach as high as straight or articulated boom lifts and they can only raise a worker and materials vertically, rather than vertically and horizontally. Nor can they raise a worker up and over materials or construction the way articulated lifts can.
Some electric scissor lifts are built to handle rougher terrain with posit traction wheels and leveling outriggers that allow them to be used on slopes without risking danger to the worker on the platform. When the lift is on a slope, the truck will automatically adjust for height differential. But others are designed to be used on flat surfaces, such as slabs and can’t handle rocky areas or slopes. Many of these, however, are zero emission, which makes them ideal for indoor use.
Electric scissor lifts are built of various materials, some heavier than others, which affects what kind of trailer is needed to transport them as well as what kind of battery is required to operate them. The battery life is recorded in duty cycles which not only determines how often an operator can raise and lower the lift but what kinds of electric-powered equipment can be used by the worker on the lift.

Tips for Buying an Electric Scissor Lift

  • Familiarize yourself with the terrain your scissor lift will have to operate on. Some scissor lifts are meant more for indoor applications and working on slabs than on rough terrain. Your lift needs to be able to traverse the ground where your project is.
  • Make sure you buy a scissor lift with a lifting capacity that will tackle your biggest load.
  • Find out how many duty cycles your scissor lift can be expected to run on one battery charge. The battery can also be drained by the tools the worker is using while on the lift.

See Our Electric Scissor Lift Listings