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Buying Forklift Parts and Accessories at TuffWerx

Need tires, a man basket, a mast or any other part or accessory for your forklift? Check TuffWerx first. Finding what you need is easy. Just enter the make and model, part or accessory and our inventory pops up. Everything comes with condition reports. And if there’s something you want us to keep an eye out for, like a particular kind of cab or a telescopic fork, we can do that as well.

Types of Forklift Parts and Accessories

The Truck Frame is the machines’ base that all the other parts of the forklift are attached to, like the frame of a regular truck. The axles, wheels, mast and power source are all connected to the truck frame. The Cab is, just as it sounds, where the operator sits and where the controls are located. The cab is sometimes enclosed, for outdoor use in inclement weather. On electric forklifts, that are used mostly indoors, it usually is open or is in the form of a protective cage.
The Overhead Guard is a metal roof over the cab that protects the operator from objects that fall. Sometimes the guard is integrated into the frame assembly.
The Counterweight is a mass attached to the rear of the forklift truck frame to balance the load the forklift is carrying. In electric forklifts, the battery may be part of the counterweight.
The Carriage is what you mount forks or other attachments to. It moves up and down the Mast, which allows the operator to raise and lower the fork and the load. It might be connected by chains or by hydraulic cylinders to the rails of the mast.
Then there are parts that help forklifts handle their loads. Tilt Cylinders pivot the mast backward or forward to help the operator pick up a load. The Load Back Rest can prevent the load from shifting backward when the carriage is lifted to full height.

Forklift attachments make the operator’s job easier. For example, a Sideshifter is a hydraulic attachment that lets the operator move the forks and backrest sideways. This makes it easier to put the load where you want it without repositioning the truck. The Rotator lets the tines rotate, which allows operators to quickly dump their loads. The Fork Positioner lets tines move together or apart for various size loads and Dimensioning Devices ascertain dimensions to make sure the operator is using space wisely.
Then there are other attachments forklift owners can buy to make the process easier. Roll and Barrel Clamp Attachment squeezes an item that doesn’t lie flat and needs to be contained. Such as paper or a barrel. Carton and Multipurpose Clamp Attachments do the same thing, squeezing to pick up an item. Other items that aren’t easily carried conventionally, like carpeting or long metal poles, might be lifted by a Pole Carrier, which slides into the center of the object.
A Man Basket slides onto the fork and hoists workers. Telescopic Forks let pallet shelves be stacked in front of one another but still allow the forklift to reach the back pallets. Scales mounted on the fork truck let operators weigh their loads right on the truck.

Tips for Buying Forklift Parts and Accessories

  • Before buying or adding a part or accessory, make sure it’s one that is compatible with your fork lift by checking manufacturer’s specifications for that part.
  • If you add an attachment, check with the manufacturer to find out whether the attachment itself alters the lifting capacity of the forklift.
  • If you’re adding an accessory run by hydraulics, find out if your forklift has the capacity for an additional hydraulic function. If not, adding hydraulic functions—or adding a valve—can be expensive.

See Our Forklift Parts and Accessories Listings