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Buying Main Attachments at TuffWerx

Whatever kind of attachments you’re looking for, whether they’re for a tractor, a skid steer loader, a forklift or any other piece of equipment, you’ll find the best deal and the best selection at TuffWerx. And you’ll find it with the least effort on your part.
TuffWerx has a huge array of attachments at reasonable prices. Because with TuffWerx, you don’t have to mess around with cumbersome sales arrangements. You can shop online, wherever you are, and make arrangements directly with the seller. And if there’s an attachment you might need in the future you can sign up with us and we’ll keep an eye out for you and let you know when it becomes available. TuffWerx makes finding the equipment you need easy.

About Main Attachments

Every piece of power equipment has its own attachments that make that piece of equipment more versatile. And at the same time, many pieces of heavy equipment have attachments that make them work like other pieces of equipment. Cranes have fork attachments so they can work like forklifts. Skid steer loaders, tractors and backhoes have attachments that let them carry objects, move snow and mulch wood along with other jobs they’re better known for.
Forklifts sometimes require a Sideshifter to the operator move the forks sideways, rotators that let operators rotate tines and quickly dump loads, fork positioners that move the tines closer or farther apart for different size loads, roll and barrel clamp and carton and multipurpose clam attachments to let the operator squeeze the item he’s lifting. Then there are man baskets, telescopic forks and more.

Tractors can’t get much done without their attachments: plows, harrows, seeders, spreaders, rock pickers and a whole slew of harvesting attachments from bailers to threshers, rakes and wagons. Then there are tree trimmers and other attachments that make the tractor nearly an all-purpose vehicle.

Backhoes and excavators use a number of different attachments, beginning with an array of different sized buckets. They can also have grapple attachments and “thumbs,” compactors and pulverizers, hydraulic hammers and more.
Skid Steer loaders can tackle a variety of forestry jobs with attachments such as tree shears, mulchers and wood chippers, stump grinders, post hole diggers, snow plows and fork grapple attachments for carrying logs and other heavy objects.
Bucket/basket trucks, or Cherry Pickers have different kinds of buckets for lifting one or two workers. Mowers have mulching, seeding or spreading attachments.

Tips for Buying Main Attachments

  • Check that the make and model of the attachment will work well with your power equipment. An attachment that may have been a good fit for one model of a piece of heavy equipment may not work as well with another.
  • Find out if the attachment has its own power source that connects to your heavy equipment. This is often the case with large, tractor-led implements. Make sure those are compatible.
  • Investigate how easy and safe or complex and dangerous it is to switch attachments. This may cost a little more but save you hours of time and headaches in the future.

See Our Main Attachments Listings