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Check out TuffWerx selection on different types of Motor scrapers. TuffWerx features the top brands including  Caterpillar, John Deer, K-Tec and Miskin. We have both enterprise and individual sellers. If you don’t see what you need, search by make, model, year and price or let us know and we’ll alert you as soon as it becomes available.  All our items come with lots of photographs and detailed condition reports. You can even have your scraper inspected before you buy it. TuffWerx takes the work out of used heavy equipment purchases.

About Motor Scrapers

A Motor scraper is a large piece of heavy equipment used for earthmoving.  The rear has a hopper, or bowl that can move up and down and has a horizontal front edge. When the hopper is lowered, the front edge works like a plane, cutting into soil or clay and filling the hopper.

There are different kinds of scrapers. Open bowl scrapers usually need some other device, like a bulldozer to assist them in loading the material into the bowl. Pull type scrapers have to be pulled by a tractor, articulated dump truck or bulldozer. When the scraper is pulled, it cuts the upper layer of material and spreads it to finish grade. It also compacts the soil. Tandem scrapers have separate engines for the tractor and scraper parts of the machine. This provides better traction in steep or slippery areas. These need another machine like a bulldozer except when loading loose materials. Auger scrapers use an auger in the bowl that pulls materials upwards. Tandem Push Pull scrapers let two individual scrapers work together as a self-loading system, rapidly loading each.

Elevating scrapers are self loading. When the hopper is full, with 10 to 44 cubic yards of material, it’s raised and closed with a blade called the apron. it can then transport its load to the fill area where the apron opens and the back panel of the hopper pushes the load out of the hopper.

Scrapers work efficiently where the areas that are being scraped and the areas being filled are close together but have enough distance that you can fill the hopper between collecting and depositing the material.  It is possible to use multiple scrapers together in a push-pull configuration but for this you must be cutting an area with some distance.

See Our Motor Scraper Listings