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Buying a Straight Boom Lift from TuffWerx

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About Straight Booms

Straight booms have single arms that can lift a worker and tools vertically up to about 200 feet in the air, which is why they’re also known as telescopic booms. They can also reach up to about 80 feet horizontally, depending on the boom you choose. They’re generally not intended to lift a lot more than a worker so the maximum weight they can carry is about 750 for the strongest ones. If you need a lot more weight carried, you’d probably want to consider something like a scissor lift which has all the supports underneath and has a much larger working platform as well as supporting considerably more weight. If you don’t need as much height, a smaller straight boom might be an alternative since the size of the truck and the size of the boom are often proportional. A smaller truck and boom arm are easier to operate in narrow spaces.
But if it’s reach you need, a straight boom can provide it, serving in construction, industrial, utility and other industries. Because of their straight arms, however, straight booms can be limiting in tight working spaces with restricted maneuverability. Articulated boom arms can reach up and over obstacles whereas an operator needs to be able to put a straight boom truck in position that will get the worker to the desired spot without a lot of leeway. But while articulated booms have several joints that need to be moved, straight booms only have the one arm, meaning operation is often quicker and more efficient.

Tips for Buying a Straight Boom Lift

  • Calculate how much height you are going to need from your straight boom as well as how much weight you are going to need it to carry. A boom that’s too short won’t do the job.
  • Ascertain what kind of working space you have to move the boom and check on the turning radius. You may need to consider an articulated boom instead of a straight boom if there’s not a lot of room for the truck to maneuver.
  • Buy a straight boom that’s rugged enough to tackle the terrain you’re operating in. Straight booms come with a variety of wheel types and clearances. If you’re dealing with rocky, uneven terrain or a lot of construction debris you will need to factor that into the equation.

See Our Straight Boom Lift Listings