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Buying Wheel Loaders from TuffWerx

TuffWerx is the leader in used heavy equipment including wheel loaders, also called front loaders or front-end loaders. We feature the top brands including Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo, Case and New Holland. Look for the size and capacity loader you need in our selection or find a specific make, model, year and price, just by typing in what you’re looking for. If we don’t have it, we’ll contact you as soon as it becomes available. With many photos and detailed descriptions, you know what you’re getting with TuffWerx.

About Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders, also called front end loaders or bucket loaders are used often in construction for tasks including material handling, digging, site preparation and load and carry. Wheel loaders have a front mouthed square bucket at the end of two booms to scoop up and move material.

Some loaders have permanently mounted loader assemblies. But others have removable attachments that can be replaced with other tools, such as fork tines to convert the loader into a forklift, grapplers or different types of buckets that perform different functions.

Wheel loaders have a rigid or articulated frame with an engine mounted over the rear wheels and a cab over the front. They have wheels, rather than tracks, and they’re often used to load trucks or transport building materials over short distances at construction sites. They are also used for handling material waste. The largest of the wheel loader buckets have a capacity of up to 20 cubic yards of material.

Swingloaders are rigid frame loaders that have a boom that can swing 180 degrees or more. They’re mostly used by the railroad industry and work well where space is limited because they can lift and dump on all sides. Smaller swingloaders, as well as tractor front loaders, are used in farming.

Most loaders are diesel engine loaders with four wheel drive. There are, however, some that can be operated in two wheel drive. Front wheel drive enables better traction with a full bucket. Rear wheel drive enhances the machine’s ability to dig. There are also electrical loaders that function similarly to combustion engine loaders.

Tips for Buying Wheel Loaders

  • Choose a wheel loader that has the load capacity you need to get your largest jobs done, but also consider the space you have to work in when choosing a loader. A swingloader might be the best option for a lot of capacity in a small space.
  • Decide whether you want a permanently mounted loader assembly or whether you want to be able to use other kinds of buckets and attachments including augers and grapples. If most of the work you’ll be doing is loading and carrying heavy materials that can be handled by a bucket, that may be the easiest choice for getting the most work done.

See Our Wheel Loader Listings