1. What happens when I register with TuffWerx? Do you sell my information to other companies?

We’re online tech experts who use the highest levels of security and protection for your information. We will never sell it to a third party. We only collect the information we need to help you find heavy equipment for sale faster and easier.

2. Am I going to be inundated with emails or bogus offers?

Our email campaign is completely designed to meet your needs. You tell us what used heavy equipment you’re looking for, and that’s what we contact you about. You tell us how often you want to receive emails from us, with a maximum of one a day, and that’s how often we’ll contact you. You’re completely in charge of how many emails you receive from us.

3. Where do you get the equipment you list?

TuffWerx also registers sellers from dealers to enterprise companies such as banks and manufacturers who have excess equipment inventory to sell. The TuffWerx system makes connecting buyers and sellers easy on both sides of the transaction for far less than you often pay through selling at equipment auctions or using a broker. Both buyers and sellers are finding that the TuffWerx approach is not only more convenient and less expensive, but it’s the future of used heavy equipment re-marketing.