TuffWerx Takes You Where the Customers Are

Heavy Equipment for Sale through TuffWerxTuffWerx is the game-changing online technology that takes the heavy lifting out of used heavy equipment sales and leaves you with more money in your pocket. A lot more.

TuffWerx offers a fast, inexpensive way to get your items listed on your site, using our Virtual Showroom and—if you choose—on eBay without waiting for local live auctions and dealing with high auction fees or equipment classifieds.

We are high-tech, state-of-the-art, online marketing experts so you don’t have to be. With a couple clicks you can upload descriptions and dozens of photos and videos. We professionally optimize your listings so Google and other search engines rank them higher, meaning your customers will easily find your heavy equipment for sale. And we have built-in lead generation to make connecting with buyers even simpler.

TuffWerx puts you in charge of equipment sales and gets your items in front of people who want them. And we do it more quickly, easily and less expensively than you’ve probably ever imagined.

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