TuffWerx Has the Answer for Excess Equipment Inventory

Sell Excess Used Heavy Equipment InventoryTuffWerx was created as a turn-key solution for companies like yours that need to sell used heavy equipment all over the globe efficiently and profitably.

With TuffWerx, you create an Inspection Request for inventory where it sits. Within days, inspectors upload condition report information, photos and video. We even guide pricing based on current auction and classified sale price points. You just press a button to publish the item and the buyers will come to you.

Meanwhile, TuffWerx technology matches the equipment you list with buyers looking for your items. This system has proven remarkably successful in generating sales. Compared to the expensive hassle of live auctions, we offer a broader customer base at a fraction of the cost.

We plug into your Customer Relationship Management system to alert you to leads, send follow-up emails and notify your customers of new inventory. And your team can connect with the system at different protection levels, using computers or mobile solutions for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Register with TuffWerx. We make selling excess inventory easy, so your company can focus on what you do best.