Are Heavy Equipment Auction Houses Seeing Their Last Days?

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The Internet has changed the world. It’s challenging to think of any industry that hasn’t been touched by the capabilities it offers. In fact, some industries have been so revolutionized that companies unable to adjust and innovate have been forced to shut their doors (consider Netflix’ market grab from businesses like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video)…. Read more »

Recent Heavy Equipment Accidents and How They Could’ve Been Avoided

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The modern conveniences and structures we’re so familiar with wouldn’t exist without heavy equipment and construction workers. Those outside the industry go about their daily lives at home and in the workplace without giving much thought to the planning, sweat and time it took to build the structures around them. Within the industry, construction professionals… Read more »

Will the New OSHA Rule for Crane Operators Take Effect This Year?

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There are approximately 22 fatalities and 175 injuries related to cranes each year. And despite advances in equipment technology and techniques, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has not significantly revised its crane rules and safety standards for more than four decades. Based on recommendations from OSHA’s Advisory Committee of construction experts, a new… Read more »