Are Heavy Equipment Auction Houses Seeing Their Last Days?

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The Internet has changed the world. It’s challenging to think of any industry that hasn’t been touched by the capabilities it offers. In fact, some industries have been so revolutionized that companies unable to adjust and innovate have been forced to shut their doors (consider Netflix’ market grab from businesses like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video)…. Read more »

Why Pay For It? Go Free With TuffWerx

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No matter your business size or the volume of equipment sales you manage, we’re constantly working to create solutions that save you time and money. Today, we want to let sellers know about our CSV (Comma Separated Values) upload capability. If your equipment inventory is listed in a CSV file (available in Excel or most… Read more »

Use Our Virtual Showroom to Display Equipment Listings on Your Website

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Listing equipment for sale on TuffWerx brings you exposure and sales, but you may also want to list your equipment on your own website. Our Virtual Showroom makes this possible. More importantly, we make it easy. Introducing TuffWerx Virtual Showroom Our sleek Virtual Showroom will transform your static website into a fully dynamic one, making… Read more »