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Volvo Mining EquipmentThe free exchange of information and ideas leads to innovation and education, and the heavy equipment industry has some important players who contribute to this exchange. Many equipment trade publications got their start in print, remaining relevant over the years by following their readers online and publishing on the Internet.

If you’re searching for online resources to build up your knowledge base, you’ve come to the right place. New technology, business best practices, how-to’s, event reviews – these heavy equipment websites have it all.

Equipment World

Equipment World Home Page


Founded in 1989, Equipment World is a wealth of information on everything pertaining to the heavy equipment industry. Their team of talented staff writers crank out the latest news with engaging style, often including high-quality videos or photos that add to the topic.

Online Editor Wayne Grayson shared with TuffWerx, “We want to reach anyone who works hard for a living and either relies on or has a love for heavy equipment, tools, technology and trucks. And we know to reach hard-working people you have to be real with them and get to the point. It’s a great audience to write for and we feel fortunate to serve them and to continue finding new content for them.”

You can rely on Equipment World to feature the latest equipment technology in their indepth reviews, whether it’s the latest Cummins V-8 engine or Case’s new line of dozers. Articles will review developments and new features, and help you decide whether the latest and greatest is worth your hard-earned cash.

Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Home Page


Available in print to United States readers at no cost, Construction Equipment is one of many publications that have moved online. Magazine articles can also be found on the company website, so you can pick your personal preference.

In any given month, Construction Equipment stories might range from economic trends, to equipment maintenance, to new technology. Like Equipment World, the tone is friendly and down-to-earth, always with a focus on presenting useful content. Unlike Equipment World, Construction Equipment doesn’t seem equipped to chase every industry news story out there.

If you enjoy perusing blogs (of course you do –you’re here!), check out what Construction Equipment has to offer in that department. The Big Iron and Site Technology blogs allow you access to industry experts on a regular basis, and there’s nothing like being able to leave a comment to ask a question or just chime in with your own two cents.

Construction Equipment Distribution

Construction Equipment Distribution Digital Edition


Available for a price in print, with archived issues free on their website, Construction Equipment Distribution magazine is oriented toward equipment dealerships, rental companies and manufacturers. The publication is operated by a non-profit trade organization called Associated Equipment Distributors. Can you believe that Construction Equipment Distribution has been around continuously since 1920?

CED’s website explains that the magazine features business information, industry and association news, and “fresh, orginal and useful feature articles that [readers] can share with their management teams….Subjects range from rental, product support, sales strategy and customer service to technology, construction markets and legislation – and much more.”

You’ll enjoy the digital edition of each issue, laid out on your computer screen like the real thing. Don’t have too much fun flipping through those pages!


Volvo photo by Rakyan ‘Boyan’ Tantular via Flickr CC.