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Caterpillar D4H for SaleNo matter your business size or the volume of equipment sales you manage, we’re constantly working to create solutions that save you time and money.

Today, we want to let sellers know about our CSV (Comma Separated Values) upload capability. If your equipment inventory is listed in a CSV file (available in Excel or most spreadsheet formats), you can upload the complete file at one time using our new uploading technology. Each line in the CSV file will create a unique listing on TuffWerx. Talk about a time-saver!

If your eyes are glazed over right now and you’re not sure what CSV files have to do with you, hold on a second. You may be closer to CSV than you think. Answer this question: do you list equipment for sale on Machinery Trader? Machinery Trader exports files in CSV format. We take that export and pull it right into TuffWerx – with just a few keystrokes. You can list the same equipment on for free with our CSV upload capability.

Why would you want to do this? Machinery Trader only allows one free listing before charging. TuffWerx is leading the industry by offering free equipment listings. Period.

Many companies list their equipment on both Machinery Trader and TuffWerx. Why not? TuffWerx is free and more exposure is always better!

If you want to stop paying the high listing fees on Machinery Trader, but don’t want to manually create new equipment listings from scratch, our CSV upload capability is the right solution for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your Machinery Trader account and export your equipment CSV file. You’ll be able to export a ZIP file that includes the CSV file and all your equipment photos.
  2. Log into your free account at TuffWerx and use the Import Data Tool to upload the ZIP file to

That’s it. If you upload the ZIP file, we crack it open and process the CSV and photos it contains. We automatically create your heavy equipment listings with the photos included.

We’ve designed our system to be perfectly compatible with Machinery Trader and many other systems, so you can get your introduction to our world of free equipment listings as easily as possible.

Don’t Forget Our REST API for Medium and Large Businesses

We recently announced the exciting development of the TuffWerx REST API, which enables sellers to automatically create equipment listings on No more tedious data input for medium to large businesses that have thousands of products to list. Our API connects your inventory to our website, generating a new listing every time you have another piece of equipment available for sale.

The TuffWerx REST API is most suitable for larger businesses, but we’re always available to discuss this technology with anyone who is interested.

Ready to get started? Contact us today if you have questions about listing your equipment on We look forward to hearing from you.