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Houston Based HAT Trading Forklift Purchased through TuffWerxThere’s nothing like receiving a good review from a satisfied customer. Here’s one that came in recently from our friend Antar MSugar of HAT Trading out of Houston, Texas:

My company ships computers overseas, and we needed a forklift to place our pallets in overseas containers. I was just starting out and couldn’t afford to break the bank on a piece of equipment, no matter how much I needed it!

No one uses the yellow pages anymore, myself included. I went straight to Google and searched for “forklift Houston Texas.” The first thing I saw was the Tuffwerx web site. They had multiple forklifts to choose from, and I was excited to find one that was within my price range.

I contacted the TuffWerx sales department and asked specific questions about the condition of the forklift. I was surprised to find out that the forklift had already been inspected by an independent third party inspection company.

My sales person was extremely easy to deal with. He walked me through the online inspection report. If I was still interested, I was told to call back with an offer or submit it directly through My offer would be sent directly to the seller on my behalf. No pressure. Surprisingly easy to work and communicate with.

After going through the condition report online, I decided what I wanted to offer for the forklift and my offer was accepted. Credit card payment was taken over the phone. I got a call back, along with the address and contact name of where to pick up the forklift. I sent someone out for the pickup, and they returned with our latest piece of equipment. It was just that easy.

The forklift was just what I needed and worked exactly as described in the online inspection report. Next time I need a piece of heavy equipment, I’m going to TuffWerx.

-Antar MSugar, HAT Trading