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Listing equipment for sale on TuffWerx brings you exposure and sales, but you may also want to list your equipment on your own website. Our Virtual Showroom makes this possible. More importantly, we make it easy.

Introducing TuffWerx Virtual Showroom

Our sleek Virtual Showroom will transform your static website into a fully dynamic one, making your online presence look more professional and active.

The purpose of the Virtual Showroom is to give you the ability to list your own equipment on your own website without having to make an investment into building out a complex inventory system.  When you create and publish a new item on, it will instantly and automatically show up on YOUR website as well.

It works like this: you use TuffWerx to create and publish your listings. Why create listings on TuffWerx? We’ve spent years simplifying the process. It’s faster and easier to publish equipment listings from our site than anywhere else. And the best part is, as a Virtual Showroom customer, any listing you create will publish on both TuffWerx and your website with no additional effort on your part.

What do you have to do on your end? Set aside a blank page on your site. Literally, that’s it, and if you want we can help with that too! We drop our three-line script into your blank page. And that’s all there is to it. You’re done. Our code allows us to push your newly created TuffWerx listings onto your site, with no work required on your part. Don’t have a website? We have partners who can create and host the website for you.

The Virtual Showroom supports the following features.

  • You can copy and send links in email that point prospective buyers to your equipment.
  • It supports lead generation capability. Interested buyers can submit requests for more information.
  • Buyers can restrict search results to anything, using our text search field. If that’s too confusing, we make it easy by providing point-and-click- buttons that select both the Category (e.g. forklifts, excavators, etc.) and Manufacturer. We also allow buyers to filter your equipment by Year and Price ranges.

Essentially, the Virtual Showroom is a fully featured dynamic inventory showcase right on your own website.

Equipment dealers have found that our Virtual Showroom saves them the trouble of redesigning their website or investing hours in tedious updates. Insert the code that we provide into your website, and your TuffWerx listings appear. Problem solved.

Virtual Showroom Examples

The TuffWerx Virtual Showroom is already being used by equipment sellers around the country. Here are two real world examples of companies that are using this technology to revitalize their company websites and drive more heavy equipment sales:

TuffWerx Virtual Showroom

Equipment Listings in TuffWerx Virtual Showroom

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Equipment Listings TuffWerx Virtual Showroom

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Is the Virtual Showroom Right for You?

The TuffWerx Virtual Showroom is a good fit for your business if:

  • You have multiple pieces of equipment for sale at any given time.
  • Your business website is not currently configured to showcase your inventory.
  • You want to establish a greater web presence, but don’t want to hire IT staff.
  • You want to drive more sales leads through your website.
  • You want an edge over your competition.

We’re excited to partner with businesses to expand their equipment sales through our Virtual Showroom. For more information and pricing, contact us today.